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F.A.Q What Should I Practice?

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Here at RhythmGuitarZero2Hero we get asked that question a lot?
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If you have gone through our Free Quick Start Guide then you would know that we suggest a minimum of 30 minutes practice a day as you’re learning to play the guitar.

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You need to keep that up for 5 to 6 days a week and you can follow our clear step by step guitar instructions as you learn acoustic guitar.

That’s all! What a small price to pay to learn to play guitar, the coolest instrument of them all. 🙂

Discipline and consistency is very important and it’s not hard at all to keep this going. It just takes a little bit of commitment and planning.

I have put together a sample 30 minute practice schedule which you can follow.

The 30 minute Practice Sessions is divided up like this and is aimed at beginners who are just starting to learn to play acoustic guitar.

  • 5 Minutes Chords
  • 5 Minutes Rhythms
  • 10 Minutes Songs
  • 3 Minutes Scales
  • 3 Minutes Eartraining
  • 4 Minutes of “Whatever You Like!”

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