Learn Acoustic Guitar Fingerpicking Techniques

March 26, 2010


Hello fellow strummers and pickers!

Learn Acoustic Guitar Fingerpicking Introduction

Learn Acoustic Guitar Fingerpicking Patterns 1-3

Watch Part 2 Here.

Learn Acoustic Guitar Fingerpicking Part 2

The weekend is ahead of us so I thought I’d give you some new stuff to learn. :-)

Fingerpicking is awesome and definitely a technique well worth getting down when you’re learning acoustic guitar.

In these 2 videos I will show you how this works as well as 3 patterns to start practicing. These are the most basic patterns to start with and they will help you to get the hang of this awesome new technique. You can really create beautiful sounding passages on the acoustic using fingerpicking and you can play a wide variety of styles. Ranging from ballads to rock and everything in between.

It’s really important to go slowly at first and to not rush things. You need to program and develop your muscle memory correctly and the best way to do that is to go slowly. Things might feel awkward for a while but as long as you persevere you’ll be own your way to become the next James Taylor! I’d like to leave you with one more thought which is to go and find guitarists who use this technique and listen to it often. This will help you to get familiar with the sound and also show you what’s possible. Whenever we learn a new technique it’s essential that you relate to it in a musical context. Otherwise it’s just exercises and patterns and we don’t want that do we?

Remember if you have any questions just leave a comment below or use this Contact Us link and I’ll gladly assist where I can. Ok enough of this, now it’s time to grab your guitar and watch the video below.

Have a good one and happy picking. :-)



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8 Responses to “Learn Acoustic Guitar Fingerpicking Techniques”

  1. Cj Says:

    Awesome! Give us more FingerPicking please! Talk about bringing a new sound! I love it!


  2. Antonio Orrico Says:

    Hi Stephen
    WOW we are getting so many good comments on these lessons that we have difficulties replying to everybody.
    Thank you very much for leaving comments. It means a lot to us – working behind a computer the whole day – to see that real people are actually enjoying our hard work.
    Yes please share these classes with whoever needs help!


    • Sally Grimes Says:

      Antonio, you rock. I love your lessons and Charl, I realy appreciate your teaching us basic fingerpicking styles and I hope you continue. I have so much to learn. Thanks a lot guys.


  3. stephen pina Says:

    I have been playing the guitar for the last 20 years and still not going anywhere. I have acquired and developed my own style of playing which are of course a bunch of twigs. I am a master of none. Thanks so much for your tutorials which had made me more organised and I feel the touch of a semi-pro I guess. I will definitely pass this on to my so-called guitarists friends in the name of music and for your honour. Thanks Buddy.


  4. Elena Says:

    You’re the only one who lets fingerpicking seem something possible: thanks for that. Sometimes it happens to me that I mess up the fingerpicking patterns… any suggestions?


    • admin Says:

      Hi Elena,

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos, thanks! The trick is to go slowly and stick with one pattern until it becomes second nature. The way we learn acoustic guitar is through muscle memory and motor skills. The only way we can get really good at that is through repetition. Performing the same movements over and over… Don’t be afraid to make a mistake but be careful of repeating the same mistakes over and over because that’s bad “programming”.

      I personally like to see the patterns written down because it helps me get the basic idea into my head and then through repetition I get it “programmed” into my fingers…

      Here is a PDF that contains all 7 Fingerpicking Patterns. >>Download PDF<<

      Happy picking!


  5. steven Says:

    Question. How do I hold my left hand? Do I rest it on the bridge or the guitar when I am finger picking or do I just have it suspended while picking? Can I rest it on the guitar or is that a bad habit to get into?

    Since I am a Mac user my right hand was easy to learn Play IMAC :) PIMAC.


    • admin Says:

      Hi Steven, I like the PIMAC! It’s not really considered a bad habit when you rest your hand on the guitar. I actually use both ways and when I rest on the guitar I use my pinky. I will film another video to talk about that in more detail and try to add some photos with the proper posture and techniques soon. Happy picking!


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