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Easy Guitar Songs

Easy Guitar Songs are a great way to learn acoustic guitar when you’re just starting out. Check out our videos below…

It’s no use to learn a bunch of chords and strumming patterns if you’re not going to use them to play some music right? So why not get an online education in learning to play rhythm guitar, and start playing entire songs in no time! When you tackle a few easy guitar songs as you’re learning acoustic guitar you’ll get a sense of achievement and improvement if you can actually play a tune from start to finish. That’s right folks… Start to Finish.

This is a great way to work on a few other much needed skills as you play easy guitar songs for example.

  • Strength and Endurance
  • Memorisation of song form and chord progressions
  • Adding a new song to your repertoire

Those are just three of the many benefits you’ll gain when you learn to play easy guitar songs from start to finish. So give it a go. Below you’ll find a few videos of easy guitar songs as well as a downloadable PDF with the 34 chords every beginner guitarist should now. It’s very helpful to learn famous songs because they’re familiar to you and who knows, next time you’re with some friends you could grab a guitar and bust out a tune everyone likes and knows.

If you’re ready to take you’re playing to the next level and looking for a complete step by step system to learn acoustic guitar then check out our awesome “Learn Acoustic Guitar in 48 Hours Flat Formula
Have fun and happy strumming!

Learn Acoustic Guitar | Easy Guitar Songs | Guitar Instructions

Easy Guitar Songs

Learn Guitar Chords

Chord Guide

Get you chord guide first! In this chord guide you will learn the first 34 chords every guitarist must know.

Feel free to share it with anyone who wants to learn guitar chords.
>>Download Beginners Chord Guide<<

Father & Son

Country Roads


Three Chord Trick

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